Sunday, May 6, 2007


I have been instructed by the powers that be to provide info for my other blogs, as they must be entertaining. I only wish. My only "entertaining" blog is found on myspace (yes, I'm sorry). Thus, if you care to check it out, and look up my blogs. They're mostly random conglomerations of not too much.

This is an interesting site, though... it confuses me. I may devote some time to figuring it out after finals (this week, aaaaaaah!) are over.

Last night I went out dancing in my brand-spankin'-new shoes. They're really cool ballroom dance heels made of gold satin. It was great the first hour, mildly painful the second, and downright excruciating the third. That's what I get for having healthy feet that almost never wear anything higher than running shoes and are generally found in flip flops.

Now, to live up to my name: it's statistically proven that people who set goals get farther in life. Because I do want to make something of myself--still working on what--I'm going to set a goal. I try to make them measurable and attainable, whether it's to jump a horse three feet or learn the basic steps of samba. My blogspot goal is to learn what makes a good, readable blog and then capitalize on that knowledge.

Saturday, May 5, 2007

Hello World

People I know seem to like blogspot for some reason. I don't know why.

At any rate, now I have an account to make comments with. I'd blog here, but I already have a couple others. Maybe someday I'll write something cool here.